5 top locations for your events in Cabo San Lucas

5 top locations for your events in Cabo San Lucas

Where land ends and the party begins

Los Cabos has turned over the past decade into one of the world’s most popular locations in Mexico for all types of celebrations: weddings, of course, but also birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, conferences, corporate retreats and other corporate events.

For some good reasons: located at the tip of the Baja Peninsula, the second longest peninsula in the world, Los Cabos benefits from an exceptional geographical location. The high sierras, parting the Sea of Cortez from the Pacific Ocean, create microclimates where flourish verdant oasis. The shore, where desert meets the sea, enjoys an average of 320 days of sun per year. At the tip, down in San Lucas, cool breezes maintain quasi ideal temperatures almost year-round.

It should come as no surprise then that Cabo San Lucas offers such a wide variety of truly  spectacular settings for event organizers. As one of the pioneer caterer and event planner in Los Cabos, Denni’s catering has access to some of the best venues in Cabo.

Pedregal: in a class of its own

At the very point where the Sierra plunges into the sea, lays a rocky formation called Pedregal, where visionary developers started building back in the mid 70s a gated community by the same name, when San Lucas was still mostly sand and cactuses. Pedregal is in a class of its own, with settings beyond superlatives. This is where Denis, owner of Denni’s Catering, calls home.

Denni’s give you access to some of the most exclusive venues in all of Baja California Sur, allowing you to set your next celebration in one of the gravity-defying cliff-hanging private villas with dramatic panoramic views of both the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez, infinity pools blending into the Pacific, and some of the most breathtaking sunsets in the world.

Most private villas in Pedregal are great for parties up to 30 to 60 guests, but the largest villas can accommodate up to 100 to 150 people.

Pacific side: miles of pristine beaches on the sunset

Going up the Pacific side on the way to Todos Santos, few miles out of Cabo San Lucas is Rancho Las Margaritas, with half-mile of pristine beach facing the sunset. With a little luck, you may be treated to some of the greatest sunsets in Baja.

The ranch itself is designed for partying, with a large poolside bar and kitchen, and terraces ideal for live music and dancing. Rancho Las Margaritas can accommodate groups of all sizes in its spectacular settings, from intimate parties in the ranch itself and around the pool, to large events down on the beach.

Canyons in the desert

If the littoral get 320 sunny days per year, the sierra gets lots of rain almost year-round, with the occasional hurricane. All this water drains from the sierra to the sea through a sizable network of arroyos that are essentially dry river beds most of the time, turning into raging rapids whenever a strong hurricane hits the peninsula. These occasional downpours carved deep canyons into the sierra that create impressive setting better suited for large events. The absence of light pollution deep into the desert, combined with low humidity and high air purity makes for memorable stargazing. If your event happens to coincide with one the seasonal meteor shower, you may be in for unforgettable sky-watching. Add to that the majestic echo effects that can turn live music into an otherworldly experience, and  your desert celebration is likely to procure fond and lasting memories. The best canyons for events are the San Carlos Canyon and the Canyon Costazul.


Thanks to the abundant rainfall on the sierra, water is flowing year round down the arroyos underneath the dry sand, providing water supply to the peninsula and feeding lush oasis throughout the state. Todos Santos is of course the best known oasis, but few people realize that San Jose itself was built around an oasis ending in the San Jose estuary. The San Jose estuary is a natural preserve and sanctuary for hundreds of species of tropical and migratory birds, and for many species of marine life, amphibians, reptiles, mammals and, of course, insects. Other oasis nearby include Miraflores, Santiago and San Antonio. Being surrounded by desert, these oasis are ideal for organic farming and have given rise to a prosperous organic production.

The oasis are a world apart, with luxuriant vegetation maintaining a relative coolness in the middle of the desert. The oasis support numerous endemic species, in both flora and fauna, many of them endangered. Nature lovers will particularly appreciate oasis to set up their event.

On the water

Last but not least, a review of the best venues for events in Los Cabos would not be complete without the sea, the omnipresent element surrounding the peninsula. A number of boats are available for private parties on board, and sunset cruise are quite popular, either for cocktail style party or for dinner. Many people opt for a private sunset cruise cocktail before the dinner per se.

Sunset cruise gives you of course a spectacular view of Cabo San Lucas and its iconic arch. During the whale watching season from December to March, you are likely to be treated to some unforgettable moments, especially later on in the season, when the mother whales train their newborns. Dolphin, turtle and manta ray sightings are common year-round. Private sunset cruises can accommodate up to 100 to 150 guests.
Los Cabos has a lot to offer to celebrate in style, and Denni’s catering can help you set up your event to meet and exceed your requirements. We will help you select locations to best fit your needs and wishes.

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